Paddock Ventures Participates in DwellFi’s $3 Million Funding Round

We are thrilled to announce Paddock Venture’s continued support for DwellFi by participating in their latest $3 million funding round. We couldn’t be more proud to support their vision of revolutionizing the financial services landscape with AI, blockchain, and tokenization technologies.

About DwellFi

DwellFi is redefining asset management with state-of-the-art AI, blockchain, and tokenization technologies. Their platform caters to a diverse client base, including PE/RE/VC Funds, Hedge Funds, Fund Administrators, and LPs. Through an advanced fund data platform complemented by APIs, DwellFi seamlessly integrates with clients’ existing systems to ensure scalable, secure deployment.

One of the main reasons we’re excited to invest in DwellFi’s success is because of its bespoke, private LLM multi-model AI framework, which offers unmatched analytical and operational benefits. DwellFi also takes a unique, dynamic approach to NFT token tokenization that’s agnostic of the blockchain platform and revolutionizes asset liquidity and management efficiency.

Under the direction of visionary CEO, Kumar U., and CTO Deepak S, DwellFi currently manages over $200 billion in Assets Under Administration (AUA). Their SOC-2-certified platform delivers institutional-grade solutions that meet the highest standards of security and compliance, showcasing their market presence and ability to address the evolving needs of the asset management sector.

Into the Future

At Paddock Ventures, we are dedicated to supporting visionary companies like DwellFi. This new round of funding positions DwellFi to scale its operations, expand its market reach, and continue developing cutting-edge solutions. We are confident that their focus on AI, blockchain, and tokenization technologies will drive unparalleled value for their clients.